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The following is a contest to submit a fitting title for the poem below.  Submissions must be made to the sponsor: cdquietqueen at  Winning entry gets $250 cash.  Contact the contest sponsor for more details.

What Length?? 
The first time I heard it, my ears hurt
The second time wasn’t much better
Perhaps I was misunderstanding?
Were they mispronouncing a letter?
It soon became clearer and clearer
That teens everywhere really meant it!
Elegant, classy, and tasteful skirt-lengths
Are simply old and fermented. 
The length that once made you a “lady”
Protecting with honor and strength
Has sadly become most abhorrent;
“But Mommy, it’s duty length”! 
My spelling gives it a “kaf z’chus”
But the horrible way that it sounds!
Like something you’d rather jump over
Than step on, if it’s on the ground. 
Is once-standard class that repulsive?
“Four inches below the knee”
You may think it’s old or un-trendy
But why that awful “duty”? 
Would anyone buy a new lipstick
Called “Peanut Butter And Mold”?
Would anyone try on a jacket
Called “Never Gonna Be Sold”? 
A wig called “Shlumpy And Nebby”?
A coffee called “Bitter And Gross”?
So why would a girl try that skirt nowadays
When you’re practically holding your nose? 
It’s time to courageously lay this to rest
And bury this label forever
It’s bringing uncalled-for disdain
To a thing of great beauty – a treasure! 
The length that so closely protects you
And keeps us all safe and secure
Must lose its unseemly derision
It’s not ugly or awful; it’s pure! 
I challenge each one of you out there
Even you - with the cynical smirk
To think up a flattering title
For the length that we really can’t shirk


The girl or the woman who sends in the fitting title for the "length-name" poem which earns the most votes wins $250 in cash.  Submissions must be made to the sponsor: cdquietqueen at

Contest ends June 15th,2013 is not affiliated with this contest or its sponsor.  Please send all inquiries of contest and its results to the sponsor above.


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