Pretied Head Scarf Tichel Mitpachat Bandana Sewing Patterns

Do you like the Pretied Bandana Head Scarf style of hair covering?  Do you also find this style of hair covering sometimes doesn't adequately cover "all" your hair that needs to be hidden?   You are not alone.  This problem is adequately addressed by Rabbi Yaakov Forchheimer in "A Practical Guide to Tznius":

Special mention must be made of the new tichel-style haircoverings (e.g. bandanas) that often do not cover the hair properly on the sides and in the back.  Such a hair covering may not be worn unless one is sure that it covers the hair completely.
 We have decided to address this issue in our latest tutorial, "How to Accurately Measure for Pretied Head Scarf" that will hopefully help you measure accurately so that you can find the right size of hair covering that fits you and is kosher to be worn.

We have designed two styles of pretied head scarves based on average head sizes suitable for women and children.  We hope these patterns address the issue so that you can enjoy modest and kosher hair coverings!

 Single Tail Sewing Pattern

 Side Tail Sewing Pattern 


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