Can I Shop for New Clothes During the Three Weeks?

The Three Weeks is the period of mourning for the destruction of our two Temples which have yet to be rebuilt.  During this period, Jews are bound by certain halachos (laws).  Regarding purchasing new clothing, here is a digest of halachos from Rabbi Doniel Neustadt, as copied from

New clothes that normally require a shehecheyanu should not be bought during this time. Thus, shoes, shirts, trousers and all undergarments may be purchased and worn without restriction until Rosh Chodesh Av, since shehecheyanu is generally not recited over them. One who never recites shehecheyanu on clothes, even on expensive ones[38], could also purchase and wear expensive clothes during this time. Those who do recite shehecheyanu when putting on new clothes may still buy and alter them until Rosh Chodesh Av, but they may not be worn until after the Nine Days are over[39].

38. See Teshuvos Maharshag, Y.D. 1:95

39. Mishnah Berurah 551:45; Kaf ha-Chayim 551:88; Halichos Shelomo 3:14-1. 

Rabbi Neustadt is the Yoshev Rosh of the Vaad Harabbonim of Detroit and the Av Beis Din of the Beis Din Tzedek of Detroit.

The Three Weeks begins on 17 Tammuz (July 7, 2012) and ends on 9 Av (July 29, 2012) every Jewish calendar year. will be closed during the 9 Days (for a period of 10 days), from July 20 - July 29, 2012, because 9 Av falls on Shabbos this year and the fast of Tisha B'Av is postponed to Sunday, July 29.


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