Chemisettes or Dickies, a Kosher Accessory for Modesty

The fashion world does not concern itself with basic modesty, therefore, many of the tops you find in clothing stores today lack the basic decency of properly covering up the front and back of your torso.  Most of the time you'll find tops with wider or deeper than desired necklines.  Rabbi Eliyahu Falk recommends:
If a dress has the above-mentioned problem, it can be worn with a wide inset collar  piece (a "dickie") which will adequately cover the front, back and shoulder areas. (page 273, "Modesty, An Adornment for Life")
Baruch Hashem, the Jewish world has an antidote to this widespread problem. has been designing, marketing and selling dickies aka chemisettes, insets or collars.  Our designs are uniquely handmade and are becoming popular.

Because of this popularity, we have started to design dickies for girls size as well.  Please visit our Modest Girls Chemisettes, Dickey Insets, Collars for updates!


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