Vintage Inspired, New Embroidered Skirt Designs

At, we are inspired by vintage fashions that promote modesty.  One of our favorites is the Victorian era.  We handpicked a few selected features of this era and added embroidery details to produce our unique designs.

These skirts are available in girls and women sizes tailored to your personal measurements for the best kosher fit.  Made with all-season Polyester-Rayon Gabardine in a variety of colors.

The skirt on the top left features a paperback waist (a vintage 80's style) with horizontal rows of embroidery across the top and bottom.

The skirt on the top right features six panels with three curved pin tucks across the bottom on each panel.

The skirt on the bottom left also features six panels and are inspired by the Victorian Regency Era that features rows of lace on the front center panel at the bottom. Each lace is actually a triple-layer!  The seam line of each panel is embellished with a helix embroidery pattern.

The skirt on the bottom right is versatile in that it can be worn like pictured above or rotated to feature the triple-layer of shell tucks on the front and back.

All the above skirts are elasticized and rolled at the hemline.


Are these skirts all based on your Kosher A-Line skirt pattern? Do you sell these skirts as is, or can I get a pattern and make myself?
modestanytime said…
These skirts used to be offered for sale, however, we would be very pleased to provide patterns for them based on our Kosher A-line Skirt Pattern. Stay tuned, thank you for your suggestions.

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