Kosher Mehadrin Sewing Patterns for Gathered A-line Skirt

We are very pleased to announce our A-line Skirt patterns for 4 different sizings - Women (XS-3XL), Plus Girls (6-14), and Standard Girls (6-14).

This skirt pattern meets all halachic requirements for Jewish Modesty (Tzniut).  It has built-in hip ease of at least 4" and skirt length of 6" (mehadrin).  It is designed with easy-to-sew and easy-to-wear elastic casing for the waistband, to accommodate small changes in girth sizing as a person increase or decreases her weight.

This skirt pattern can be used for making a kosher half-slip that matches the flair of the outer skirt.  You can also make a double-sided skirt with this pattern with very minor changes on the casing width.

You don't need to alter your store-bought patterns again!


miriamp said…
Does it include pockets and pocket placement?
modestanytime said…
No, this basic skirt pattern doesn't. However, for future skirt patterns that are not gathered at the waist, we would add a variety of pocket styles with them, including inseam, inset, patch, etc.

Thank you.

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