Our Kosher Mehadrin Patterns are available for A4-size printing!

If you live outside of North America, you will be pleased to know that we are can provide you with digital patterns that you can print on your own printer using your standard size media.

We are now carrying digital patterns suited for A4-size paper printing. Look for our product titles marked with (A4) designation.  For example:

Kosher Foundation Pattern for Women (A4)

Kosher Gathered A-line Skirt Pattern for Girls(A4)

Kosher Gathered A-line Skirt Pattern for Women (A4)

Kosher Sewing Pattern Shawl Collar Blouse with Dickey Women (A4)

The quality and pricing is the same, in US dollars.  Thank you for your attention.  Happy Sewing!


Just added your site to our blog-roll
modestanytime said…
Thank you so much!

Your A4 Pattern was emailed yesterday and re-emailed again this morning. The attachment is at the bottom of the email. I hope you get it!

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