Tutorial: Sewing Hidden Zippers

We are starting a series of tutorials which we are reusing from the wide resources out there, l'shem shamayim.  The goal is to assist our beginner sewers on the various proven sewing techniques, that we too use in our garment construction.  A video tutorial speaks volumes and we hope you will be able to benefit from this.

Here is one playlist of tutorials on how to sew a hidden zipper, a very important task in sewing a modest garment.  A hidden or invisible zipper does not show when sewn correctly and is very modest.  We use only hidden zippers for our garments.

Important tips to remember:

  • You can use any length of hidden zipper you like
  • You don't need to sew the seam before you place the zipper
  • You need a special invisible zipper foot, available for many machines


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