Tutorial: Sew in a Set-in Sleeve

Our Blouse Patterns always come with long sleeves.  Like many  standard sleeve patterns, ours has a sleeve cap that needs to be "eased" into the armhole (armscye) of the bodice.  Like the following video tutorial demonstrates, there are various ways of sewing a set-in sleeve to the bodice.  Use the one you are most comfortable doing.

An alternative style of sewing such a sleeve that is not mentioned in the video is to sew in a couple of tucks (small pleats) at the sleeve cap to ease in the sleeve and for styling purposes.  You don't need to gather at all.  You just sew the sleeve directly onto the armhole (also called a flat method in the video), without gathering, but with two little tucks, one on each side of the sleeve cap.  This choice is entirely up to you.

However, if you prefer a smooth sleeve cap without any gathers or tucks, then you will have to do it the way the instructor shows you in the video.

Happy Sewing!  Practice makes perfect!  It's like riding a bicycle!


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