Laced Shell Blouse That is Truly Kosher

If you love lace, check out our latest sewing pattern! It is for a laced blouse that has a dual purpose -- an outer garment by itself or a layering shell, as can be seen in the picture above.  Why is this shell different from all the other shells?  Because
  1. It is not only modest, but also kosher
  2. Designed with a semi-fit in mind, the garment can be worn as is (to be kosher, a garment has to be at least semi-fitted)
  3. A semi-fitted blouse is perfect to layer with a sleeveless dress that is kosher in its length, style, and fit  (like in the old days!).
You can be creative and make a whole line of garments in assorted colors.


Anonymous said…
It's wonderful to see these blouses & shells offered! I wish many American girls/women would think to dress modestly. Especially wedding dresses. Blessings to you!

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