New Knotted Headband Snoods

Just made today are these knotted headband snoods and a tieback snood.

The cream colored snood on the top left has tiny heart patterns on it.  
The white snood on the top right is made of cotton pointelle knit with lovely diamond patterns. The light-blue snood on the bottom right has embroidered stitching on the body.  The brown floral batik print snood on the bottom left has a pleated quilt-like wide tapered headband with tails.

Brown Batik Floral Snood with Pleated Headband
Cream Heart Pattern Knotted Headband Snood
Light Blue Embroidered Stitching with White Knotted Headband Snood
White Pointelle Knit Knotted Headband Snood
With many thanks to our  loyal repeat customers and welcome to our new customers!


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