L'Shana Tova 5774


May this coming new year 5774 usher in a year of positive change, bringing us a step closer to the final redemption, via raising awareness of tzniut among our Jewish mothers, sisters, daughters, single and married, young and old.  May the year 5774 brings us much joy of implementing tznius in our lives, with the help and support of the fathers, brothers, husbands, and the men of our community.  May the year 5774 be a year of heightened education of modesty and triumph over any tznius challenge that come our way.   Amen!

The ModestAnytime.com family wishes you a K'siva v'chasima Tova (inscribe and sign for a good year) and a year of revealed blessings for peace, health, livelihood and much rejoicing and good tidings!


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