The Joy of Tznius Pattern Book Volume One (Pre-Order)

Our very first volume in the series, "The Joy of Tznius Pattern Book" is a 56-page softcover companion for every Jewish dressmaker who sews modest clothing and offers a step-by-step guide with original artwork.
  • Modest and Kosher Blouse and Dress Slopers
  • Draft Natural Necklines and Shoulder Slants
  • Draft Fitted Bodice Armholes with ZERO-ease Sleeve Caps
  • Measurement Taking
  • Estimating Yardage
  • Garment Assembly
  • Handy Page of Formulae
  • Excel Spreadsheet Calculator (to be emailed to customers when shipped)
  • Over 75 diagrams
This is a special Saddle-stitched edition to allow the book to open flat.  We are offering a special PRE-BUY option, available from October 18 until November 1, 2013 with our special pricing.  Price will increase to US $26 after that.  Book will be available in 4 weeks in time for Chanukah!
The Joy of Tznius Pattern Book Volume One (Pre-Order)


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