Modest Cowl Collar Dickeys

Most cowl necklines are hideously immodest.  The cowl scarf which wraps around the neck is very popular and used as items of modesty, however a dickey with a modest cowl collar does a better job.  A dickey goes under the outer garment and doesn't pull off as easily as a scarf.  

Our new line of modest cowl collar dickeys are available for purchase.  They are made in cotton or polyester knit fabric with various patterns and textures.  They come in two styles - heavy drape and light drape.  The heavy drape cowl collar is enclosed at the back with hooks and eyes and the bodice opening is at the back with a hidden zipper.  The light drape cowl collar dickey is pull-over style.  They fit neck size 14-in.  More fabric colors and types may be added soon.


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