Eyelet Fabric Collars

Eyelet is a style of fabric that is made up of small holes edged with embroidered stitching and design. Because it is made up of holes, eyelet fabric in most part has to be lined in order to make modest garments out of it. But, a useful function for eyelet fabric is collars. There are many styles of collars as you can see in the picture below.

At ModestAnytime.com, we are passionate about collars.  There are women's style collars and there are men's style collars.  The traditional shirt-style collar with a button stand was a man's style collar.  In 30's Americana, this style of collar was still described as "mannish."  However, after introducing it to women's fashion, the once "male" shirt collar is now unisex.  The shirt collar is often part of the school uniform for religious Jewish institutions such as Bais Yaakov.

Click here for  a sampling of eyelet collars made as dickeys for ModestAnytime.com.


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