My Comfort Snood

Our clients write to us telling us how they enjoy wearing snoods from  One client wears her snood at night for sleeping and loves it and asked for a custom fabric in black.  So, here we made her one.  She calls it the Comfort Snood.

But wait.  Did you know you can actually make this style of snood yourself, in the comfort of your own home?  Volume 2 of our Joy of Tznius Pattern Book series details step-by-step instructions accompanied with lots of illustrations to help you make snoods in this and other styles, by simply tweaking the length.  You can create a beret-style, a beanie-style or a turban-style.  

You can add coordinated fabric layers to enhance a plain style.  You can use woven or knit fabrics.  You can make comfort snoods like these for casual, work or formal wear.  The possibilities are endless, as long as they are comfortable!

For more details about this book, visit the saddle-stitched edition (limited quantity) or perfect-bound edition (print-to-order).


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