Roll Collars

Designing women's collars is an art as well as a science, which incorporates lots of mathematical calculations, which we will not bore you with.

The roll collar is a classic type of collar for women.  In this picture, you will see three types of roll collars.

The flat collar in the top row is the least collar that rolls, which means that it does not have a fold on the back and lays flat all around the neck and shoulder, like a flap.  Typical flat collars like this one have a rounded tip also known as the Peter Pan collar, not included in the picture.  

The medium-roll collar in the middle row has a small amount of fold on the back and hugs the neck and shoulder more than the flat collar.  

The high roll collar in the bottom row shows the most significant fold on the back neck, but flattens out a little bit on the front below the shoulder.  This roll collar hugs the neck and shoulder the most.

The following picture also shows a high roll collar, whose design is more traditional. It often appears in men's style collars.

Notice that the tips of the collar or the "wings" are more spread out than the other full-roll collar.  The designs of both collars are significantly different even though they both have full roll.  Which do you prefer -- the women's version or the men's version?

Soon, b'ezras Hashem, we will be offering an online Web software to enable you to buy and print the designs of collars such as these.  Until then, you can purchase these collars while they are still available as dickeys in our shop.


Great post and i have the dickies patterns. Any chance you will be offering any blouses with these sorts of collars? I would really appreciate that!
modestanytime said…
Thank you.

Currently, we are working on expanding the MySloper software to include drafting these roll collars and other styles as well. B'ezras Hashem, we will also try to add more blouse patterns to our inventory.

Adar b'Simcha and early Purim Sameach!

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