Create modest and kosher patterns with My Sloper by KosherPatterns (R)

We've been busy with our latest version of our pattern making software called My Sloper, with new creative ways to make modest and kosher sewing patterns in a breeze.

Here is a list of tutorials that you will find useful.

This stately blouse is decorated with Mandarin collar and a vertical tapered flounce at the center front seamline which also hides a hidden zipper. Learn how to create this blouse pattern with My Sloper, Pattern Making Software for Modest Apparel
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This feminine dress is adorned with soft flounce at the neckline and flowy flounce at the sleeve cap. Learn how to create this dress pattern with My Sloper, Pattern Making Software for Modest Apparel by KosherPatterns (R).

Learn how to create this refined modest dress using  My Sloper software and fine materials.  

This blouse is modest and refined with a touch of class.  The pattern for this blouse is created by My  Sloper software, using a waist-length blouse pattern and layered with two flounce patterns.  The sleeve has a center seam with an underlay.

My Sloper Version 1.5

2014-06-08 20:55:11
Check out My Sloper Version 1.5 and all its features.   Featuring Basic Dress Sloper pattern, Waist-Length Bodice pattern, Flounce Pattern in the new Trims Tab, support for Bust Dart in blouses and dresses, support for drafting up to size womens 10x and much more.

Make a modest wardrobe for you and your family with our easy-to-use, fast and lightweight software.  

If you haven't yet test-driven My Sloper, create a Free account now.  Our current pricing is so affordable.  It will save you a lot of time and money having to alter commercial ready-to-wear patterns that do not meet modesty requirements.  

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