New line of Snood Berets with Braided Elastic Trimmings!

B"H, We've just finished adding a new line of Snood Berets with braided elastic trimmings which give raised texture in the embedded middle crown layer.  A sampling of this new style is available here.  These styles are 14-in long and a little longer than our earlier style of 11.5-in snood berets.

As usual, they are available in limited quantities and custom orders are accepted for headband size that is smaller or larger than the average 22-in (56-cm).  These snood berets are ideal for Shabbos wear and according to customer testimonials, they are so very comfortable to wear all the time.

A Happy Client, thank you!
If you would like to submit your testimonial with a picture of your purchased Snood Beret, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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