The Modest Empire Waistline and the A-line Bodice

The Empire Waist is a very elegant waistline that is raised above the natural waistline. It is appropriate for maternity as well as for women who want to conceal their "mummy-tummy", a post-partum condition which stays for some women even after child-bearing age. Even though the empire waistline shifts the attention away from the natural waistline, if not designed correctly, some empire waistline styles focus attention on the chest, which is obviously immodest.

Our empire waistline styles are designed only with modesty in mind, and when paired with an A-line lower bodice and loose upper bodice, the ensemble is simply proper. Here are some examples that are elegant and subdued, in our humble opinion.

Adornment with rickrack along the empire waistline and sleeve hem
Faux piping through serger magic along the empire waistline and multi-paneled lower A-line bodice
Box-pleated lower bodice and front button opening with contrasting fabric of similar colors
Add a touch of Venetian lace elegance along the empire waistline
Add ruffled lace to collar and hemline and beading to empire waistline for a feminine look
Add a stately Mandarin collar and ribbon with bow on empire waistline and front zipper opening.
Ribbon should not be tied too tightly.

Dress with adorable contrasting Peter Pan collar and sleeve cuff,  ribbon with bow on empire waistline, and multi-panel A-line skirt with faux piping through serger magic.

Some of these styles are available for custom-ordering. If you like a style(s) that is not yet in the store, let us know and we would be happy to custom-make a modest blouse or dress for you.


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