New Snood Berets for December 2014

Baruch Hashem, our Snood Berets have been quite popular and we are making a few more before the secular year ends. If you are looking for something new for Chanukah, you will love these snood berets.

We have a mixture of lined lightweight Snood Berets as well as medium weight unlined Snood Berets. Take your pick.

A recent Kallah (Jewish bride) who had trouble finding hair coverings that fit her (mitpachat, bandana, tichel), tried on our Snood Beret and remarked that "It was the most comfortable hair covering I ever wore!" Besides providing complete coverage for your hair, our Snood Beret is also the most comfortable to wear. Baruch Hashem.

So head over to our Hair Covering department and buy a new Snood Beret for yourself today! We always accept custom orders if your head girth is less or more than 22-inch!  Read our Testimonials from our clients who have their custom orders from us.


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