Pre-tied Head Scarves Bandanna Snoods

Exclusive Pre-tied Designer Head Scarves for Modest Women
B"H We are delighted to bring you a sampling of freshly-handmade designer head scarves aka Pre-tied Bandanna Snoods in various styles, colors and fabric.  Some of them have padded headbands, some of them have trimmings, some of them are embroidered on the headband, either single-tailed or side tails.  You can wear them if your hairdo is in a bun or a pony tail.

The unitail style is great because it covers the lower part of the neck to hide the head hair that may stick out. To ensure that this style of hair covering covers all your hair, you have to take your own head measurements and compare them with the snood measurements

Measure from ear to ear spanning the forehead -- headband width

Measure from front-to-back from the forehead to the back hairline --- headband length
This pre-tied head scarf will be very snug if the measurements fit and your hair will be covered properly.  We have made them for average head sizes of 21-22 in.

Let us know if you would like a different size for a custom fit. You can send us your fabric.  Wovens or knits acceptable as long as they are opaque.  Trimmings are welcome.

If you are interested in making these yourself, may we interest you in our sewing patterns available here for the two styles.


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