Modest Cowl Neckline Blouse for Women and Girls


The cowl neckline with lovely hanging drapes from the shoulder is a delight to wear if it's designed with modesty in mind.  What you get at the stores today are loose low-hanging cowl drapes which would require you to wear it with a shell.  At, we design only for the modest audience who values dignified clothing at an affordable price that will not break the family budget. Our clothing are made with fine quality fabric and are meant to last for generations if well-maintained.

So, we offer you two cowl neckline blouses for women and girls with different fabrics.

In royal burgundy velour fabric, this modest cowl top is great for formal wear.

In gabardine material, this modest cowl neckline top is ideal for everyday or office wear.
Model wearing a Modest Cowl Neckline Blouse

Available for women and girls, this style is great for those who like coordinated mother-daughter clothing.
In embroidered corduroy, this modest cowl neckline dress is suitable for bridal wear, available only at



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