Hair Comb to Secure your Hair Covering


We offer many styles of hair coverings for women who cover.  Some of the coverings come with a lining and others not.  Some women prefer to wear an inner fitted cap underneath their outer hair covering for security.  Others wear a head band that is fitted with velcro to provide friction between the outer hair covering for security. 

There is another alternative to provide security to your hair coverings and they work well with snoods.  If you sew a hair comb on the underside of your hair covering to coincide with the center position of your frontal hairline, you will be able to provide security to your covering.

You can use metal or plastic hair combs, but you may find metal combs to be more comfortable.  Our snoods are designed to have a 2-inch headband that drapes over the frontal hairline to provide maximum coverage of your hair.  On the underside of the snood, find the center point along the seam-line.  Hand-sew the hair comb, teeth facing away from headband, along the center seam-line.

You can purchase these hair-combs easily in the Hair-care department of retail stores.  They come in a variety of teeth count and widths.


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