Modest and Kosher Skirt Sale



Many stores today are selling above-the-knee skirts as well as knee-length skirts disguised as "tznius."  Have you had trouble looking for modest and kosher skirts for your daughters or yourself that are customizable?  Well, look no further.

Custom-Made for You is the ONLY place where you can find always modest, tznius and kosher skirts with the option to customize.

Excellent Price

We are offering this skirt style with front inset pocket with length-option, lining-option and fabric-option all at a special price!  No extra cost for lining or longer skirt length.

Durable Material 

Skirts that you find at some retail stores online and off-line are made with cheap, stretchy knits that are not durable and pill after washing. The material we use is of excellent quality -- medium-weight polyester gabardine -- used for making tailored garments. 

Modest and Kosher A-line Skirt With Front Pocket, Gathered Waistline, With Option for Length and Lining
This skirt style is available for both women and girl sizes (standard and custom).  It's ideal for everyday wear or formal wear.

As time flies really quickly and the holiday of Pesach is soon to approach, we will all be busy with other things, even at  In order to get these skirts to you before the rush, it's a wise idea to plan ahead. Our Bespoke Apparel Department will be closed beginning Rosh Chodesh Nissan until after Pesach.


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