Kosher Wrap Skirt

B"H is pleased to bring you the Kosher Wrap Skirt designed by My Sloper Skirt 2.0, Pattern Making Software for Modest Dressmaking.  What makes this wrap skirt kosher? It consists of three-full panels - front, back and the wrap. The skirt is secured with a column of side buttons for the front wrap overlap and the front hidden skirt panel. In addition, a pair of hook-n-eyes is attached to the waistline on the other side.  We took the liberty of consulting Rabbi Falk's Tznius Handbook to ensure that this wrap skirt design is kosher.  An elegant satin ribbon bow enhances this design at the waistline.  Take a look at the animations of a 360-degree view of the skirt and how to wear this kosher wrap skirt.

360-degree view of the Kosher Wrap Skirt

How to Wear the Kosher Wrap Skirt
The skirt fabric is high quality 100% cotton from designer company Michael Miller with allover mint leaves print in Lavender or Mint on solid black background.

Available for GIRLS and WOMEN, this skirt is easy to wear, modest and kosher.


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