Worried about Shaatnez?


At this time of the year before Pesach (Passover), you may be made aware to check your clothing for Shaatnez, a combination of wool and linen that is prohibited in fabric and thread used in items from hats to boots to toys to home furnishings. 

At ModestAnytime.com, we do take shaatnez seriously.  All of our fabric, linings, interfacings, threads and trimmings are made out of these materials -- cotton, cotton-polyester, rayon, rayon-polyester, nylon, lycra/spandex/elastane, plastic (beading).  We do not use linen or wool or even linen-look fabrics.

Linen and wool are costly materials which affect the price of the garments made from them.  You will find these material used in huge price-tagged "designer" apparel, but never at ModestAnytime.com.

You may still send your garments made by us to a Shaatnez laboratory if you wish.  To learn more about Shaatnez, a good resource is this website, TestShatnes.com.  You can go through its list of designer labels that contain shaatnez and what items to be suspect of in your household.  Even though custom-clothing is listed in there, you can trust ModestAnytime.com which cares very much about this mitzvah.

From our family to yours, we wish you a happy and kosher Passover, Shaatnez-free all year round!


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