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For those of us who shop for skirts online and offline, it is sometimes disconcerting to see modest skirts advertised on modest websites which appear short on the models. Is it possible that these models are wearing skirts whose length are actually not modest for them? Are skirt lengths of 25-inches even kosher? We shall wonder no more as there is now a guide that matches the minimum kosher skirt length to the height of the wearer.

You can now download a free PDF guide that contains three skirt lengths (4-inches below the knee, midi and maxi) that are based on a series of heights. A 25-inch skirt is only kosher for a 5 ft wearer. Models are often taller than 5 ft, so a 25-inch skirt will often appear at knee length on them. Find out the recommended modest skirt length for you.

The minimum 4-in below-the-knee skirt length is what is allowed in halacha today according to Das Yehudis. However, you may wear a longer length skirt than this. If you are more comfortable with a midi, which is exactly at the middle of your calf, you are most welcome to do so.  In fact, Rabbi Falk in “Modesty, Adornment for Life” suggests a more mehudar (refined) length of 6-inches below the knee for an average 12-in calf length.  In other words, a midi length.  There are other Jewish communities whose Das Yehudis skirt length standard is maxi or ankle length, and this could be because the definition of “shok” is the calf, and not the thigh, therefore the entire calf (lower leg) has to be concealed. .  This guide provides all three lengths for your convenience in both Imperial and Metric units.

In addition, this guide is formatted as 2.5-in by 8.5-in bookmark template and there are two of them. You can print the PDF out on quality cardstock and slip them in your purses the next time you go shopping for all the girls in your family.


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