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Almost 100 entries were submitted for the Submit A Title Contest blog post two weeks ago.  Now is the time to vote for your favorite entry and email your votes to the contest sponsor, cdquietqueen at gmail dot com.  Limit one vote per email, please.  Voting ends on June 25, 2013.


4 Below

4 Royals

4-B Length

Add Charm,Avoid Harm Length

At Great Length

BAT Length (Be A Tzanua)

Be A Mensch Length

Beauty Length

Below the “Tzni”

CC Length (covered-when-crossed)

Chiyuv Length

Cocktail Length

Contest Length

Cool A.C. Length (Always Covered)

Cover 4 Protection Length

Cutie Length

Demure Length

Dignity Length

DL Length

Duty Free

Empire Length

FIB (Four Inches Below)

Fine Line

Forinci Length (sounds European,short for 4")

Four Inches: The Fourceful Fourtress

Fourtune Length

Freedom Length (move around freely!)

Full Length

Great Lengths

Halachic Length

Hem and Heart Length

Hem of Duty

Her Majesty's Length

Her Majesty's Measure

i4 Length

Inching Fourward


KNEEd-To-Be-Covered Length

KNEEt Look 

Kosher Kloze Line

Kosher Length

Leadership Length

Length IS Strength

Length of Days

Length of Strength

Length OF Strength

Length WITH Strength

Long-Life Length

Lovely Jewish Length

Loyalty Length

Loyalty Length

Me Length

Measure With Pleasure

Mid-Calf Length

Midi Length

Mod Length (modest-yet in style!)

Not Skirting The Issue Length

Paris Length

Pretty Midi Length

Princess Length

Princess Line/s

Princess Style Length

Proud To Be-long Length


Regal Length

Royal Length

Royal Princess Line/s

Royalty Length

Rule Follower Length

Safe-Knee Zone

Score Four Length

Secure and Ensure

Sem Length

Shana-hab Length (as in Shana Habah)


Strength Length

Swishy Line/Length

The 4-B Line

The CC Line

The Dignity Line

The E.N.D. (Elegance/Nobility/Dignity) Line

The Finer Length

The Long And Short of It

The Measure of Tznius Length

The Measure of Woman Length

The Protective Length Trend

The Refined Line

True Leader Length

Tzniusdik Length

Y&M Length

Yerushalmi Length

Yeshiva Length

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