The Snood Beret

Also known as the Comfort Snood, we decided to call the new line of hair coverings for 2014 as the Snood-Beret.   Read the poem inside the picture to understand why.
This snood is really great
It looks like a beret
I wear it day and night
It's so comfy and so light
It stays snug on my head
No more hats, I said
This wonder Snood-Beret
Is forever here to stay!

This style can be made in three layers -- the headband layer, the middle layer and the body.
You can have fun choosing color-coordinated fabric for all three layers.  For example, we chose to make these (see picture):
  • black headband with black-white zig zag print middle layer and grey body
  • black headband with black-brown sparkly dots middle layer and brown body
  • black  headband with blue shaded argyle middle layer with dark blue body
  • grey headband with black-white stripes middle layer and black body
The fabrics we chose are either all in polyester-lycra or cotton-lycra.   They are really comfortable to wear.  You must try one.

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